Aliage by Estee Lauder Perfumed Bath Powder (6 oz)

Aliage by Estee Lauder Perfumed Bath Powder (6 oz). We are pleased to inform you that this is coming from our large collection of vintage, original brand names and fragrances. Our products are hard to find and not found in the market anymore; that’s what it makes our market unique and well known. Thank you […]


CHANEL No 5 Bath Powder 113g 4oz With Box Puff No perfume included NEW

You may find other products you are looking for. We invite you to browse our store! A silky loose powder that feels silky and comfortable when applied to bare skin after taking a bath. It leaves your skin smooth and the delicate, ultra-feminine scent of N°5 gently envelops your body. A body care item with […]


CHANEL No. 5 After Bath Body Powder 5oz 142g Poudre Libre Apres Bain Genuine

No problem with using. Please ask us before you open a case. We will do our best to solve a problem. If you find any problems/defections with our products, please feel free to contact within 1 week from the day when you received and allow up to 24 hours to answer your question. International Buyers […]


150g REISCARE Rice Baby Talcum Powder Hypoallergenic Perfumed Floral Bath Body

Made from Non-GMO Rice. What is Rice Starch: Rice starch has been a traditional ingredient in body and face powders for hundreds of years. It has an extremely smooth feel and is very absorptive. In the past, while rice starch added a great feel to the powder, the quality of water repellency was poor. Years […]


CHANEL No. 5 The Loose Powder 8oz 325g AFTER BATH BODY POWDER RARE

Chanel No 5, from the le senses collection, Loose Powder After Body Powder Bath was recently discontinued, this lightly scented powder absorbs moisture for a refreshing comfort, as it imparts a light and luminous finish, leaving the skin soft, silky and scented It contains vitamin E and essential amino acids to protect against free radicals […]