Baby Talcum Powder Flowers Soft Skin Original

Baby Talcum Powder Flowers Soft Skin 100% Original. ????????????????????????? Benefits of baby powder. Baby powder is used after bathing, and at different times of the day in personal care products as well as beauty products. Here are the most important benefits of baby powder. Moisture absorptionBaby powder is one of the most popular products that […]


VTG 1980s ORIGINAL TOVA Beverly Hills Perfumed Body Powder 3 Oz 85.5g TOVA Corp

1982: Tova Borgnine creates the original Tova Beverly Hills formulation. Boxes are black with horizontal striping. Bottles have black ink-stamped batch numbers (stamped directly on the base of the bottle) and are labeled: Tova Corporation, Beverly Hills 90211 (earliest) or 90210.